The Seller's Journey

Now that you’ve decided to sell, what comes next?

You made one major dream come true.

Now what?

You were a small business owner way before it was cool – it’s been a long road, but you”did it, and you did it well. Still, lately you’ve been feeling a bit been there, done that”

So what’s next?

That’s up to you. You've earned that freedom

Maybe you didn’t plan an exit strategy, and you can’t just walk away after all this
time…what about everything you built? And where would you even begin?

How can you make the most of your investment?

Just a Few Reasons You May Be Considering Selling Your Business:

_You’d like to just relax for a while.
_You want to spend time with your family.
_You’ve got plans for another enterprise.

Deep Breath: Transworld Business Advisors Has Your Back.

You’ve got a few questions you need to answer to plan your journey. The bottom line is that you need an exit strategy, whether it’s for today, tomorrow, or way down the road.
Our business advisors are ready to help you think about selling your business, wherever you are in the decision-making process.

Trust Advisors Who’ve Been in Your Shoes (Or Hard Hat. Or Business Suit. Or Uniform.) With over 40 years experience, our business brokerage team is the largest in the world having successfully sold over 10,000 businesses. When you sit down to talk with aTransworld business advisor, it’s truly a no-obligation consultation. You want a problem-solver on your side, and even if you’re not ready to sell, a consultation with one of our experts is never a waste of anyone’s time.

The help you will get

You’ve done the hard work of building your business. Selling it should be easy. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Transworld Advisor, and if you decide to sell, here’s the help you’ll get:


Business Advisors

Determine the value of your business:

You want the best possible price for your hard work, effort and investment. And you want to save the guesswork and second guessing. When you meet with your Transworld Advisor, they will work with you to analyze your business and its place in today’s market, then apply sophisticated, time-proven valuation techniques to determine your best listing price.

Show you how to secure the best buyer.

You’ll want the best buyer for your business. The one you feel most comfortable with who can complete the deal. You get the help you need finding the right buyer using our vast network to confidentially advertise your business. Potential buyers are pre-qualified and required to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any sensitive information concerning your sale.

Help you navigate the deal.

You want the transition to be simple and easy for you. Your Transworld Advisor will oversee the entire deal on your behalf. That means we’ll work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other third parties that could jeopardize the success of the transaction. We make the transition simple and easy for you.

You get paid

You get the payoff from the time, effort and energy you've poured into the business when your sale closes. It's great to realize the reward after all of your hard work. And we'll be there after the close for whatever support you need in making a smooth transition. When you work with Transworld Business Advisors, you've got a friend in business.

You want someone on your side who has been where you are now, and who knows the market.Transworld’s business brokers sell more businesses than anyone else in the world, andwe talk to business owners like you every day.

You’ve got questions:

Transworld Business Advisors has answers. And when you decide to sell, we’ll be there every step of the way.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to selling your business – in fact, that’s our business. If you’re ready to talk about your exit strategy, call Transworld Business Advisors. We’ll take care of the details while you plan your next chapter.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Buying a business is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever have to make.

The Right Business For You

The Transworld Buying Process Eight Steps to Entrepreneurship:


Take Charge

You have made the decision to control your financial future by purchasing a business. Owning a business is the greatest way to build wealth and take charge of your own destiny.Congratulations for contacting Transworld, you’ve selected the best in the industry! Now the process begins to help find and acquire the right business for you.



All buyers should meet their Transworld representative in person, however, if that is not
possible due to distance, continuous communication by phone or email can be effective. We begin our process by gathering detailed information about you to establish your financial capabilities, your skills and experiences, and your personal life goals. This information helps us gain your commitment to the process and determine the best types of business to pursue. Once this is completed, we will start your search using Transworld’s considerable market basket of resources.



You won’t feel comfortable making a decision until you understand what it takes to buy a
business. We will explain the process and help you understand the realities of the current marketplace. You will learn how to use online forms, to search the Internet for businesses, to read Business Listing Information sheets, to understand basic valuation concepts, and to review our available opportunities.



Now the hard work begins. We will help you search for your business, aid you in signing confidentiality disclosures, get you detailed information on the business, and set up showings with the seller. We will refine your business search and visit opportunities until
you decide on a business to purchase. If your search takes longer than a few months,
you may need to return to the education step. 



We will share with you our expertise in deal structure, by helping you draft a contingent
offer on a business that you would like to buy. A purchase and sale agreement will be
presented to the seller with a deposit of good faith held in escrow to demonstrate your
seriousness. After any negotiations, you should be left with an executed contingent
purchase agreement to buy a business.


Due Diligence

This period is where you fully inspect the owner’s representations are accurate. We will coordinate the efforts of your legal and accounting professionals and strive to satisfy all
contingencies. If there is financing involved your application must be approved by the lender, proving that you are qualified for repayment of the loan.



Final preparations will be made for lease assignments, utility transfers, financing,
merchant service accounts, inventory counts and any other last minute preparations to make the transfer as seamless as possible. Your acquisition will usually be completed by
an attorney with the signing of several documents and the payment of the balance of the
.purchase price


Post Closing

Transitional training by the seller may include meetings with employees and clients,
technical education, computer updating, and other essential knowledge transfer. We will
be available to assist you with any questions or post closing requirements you may
have. Remember what you have learned throughout this process, because when the time
comes, Transworld will still be here to help you sell your business.

Many additional questions may arise during the buying process. Please do not hesitate to have us explain in detail any portion of this process. You will discover that, with Transworld’s assistance, you can have a successful experience purchasing and owning your own business.